Digital atlas of the skeleton of Lynx pardinus

Pelvis of Lynx pardinus

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Dorsal view


Left side view


Nasal view


Basal view


Right side view


Nuchal view

Pelvis measures data table ↑top
ID Code Description Middle Show
* You can check measure id clicking on the "Show" measure link.
GLGreatest length of the half. Important: epiphyseal parts of the Tuber coxae and the Tuber ischiadicum must have fused! 127.82 Show
LALength of the acetabulum including the lip (-) 21.35 Show
LARLength of the acetabulum on the rim (+) 16.10 Show
LSLength of the simphysys. Only measurede when the two halves have fused. 56.96 Show
SHSmallest height of the shaft of ilium (+) 20.56 Show
SBSmallest breadth of the shaft of ilium 10.00 Show
LFoInner length of the foramen obturatum (+) 31.16 Show
GBTcGreatest breadth across the Tubera cozarum - greatest breadth across the lateral angle (+) 68.66 Show
GBAGreatest breadth across the acetabula (+) 58.54 Show
GBTiGreatest breadth across the Tubera ischiadica (+) 66.31 Show
SBISmallest breadth across the bodies of the ischia (+) 52.95 Show