Digital atlas of the skeleton of Lynx pardinus

Cranium of Lynx pardinus

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Dorsal view


Left side view


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Nuchal view

Cranium measures data table ↑top
ID Code Description Middle Show
* You can check measure id clicking on the "Show" measure link.
1Total length: Akrokraniom - Prosthion (+) 138.20 Show
8Vicerocranium length: Nasion - Prosthion (+) 57.93 Show
9Facial length: Frontal midpoint - Prosthion (+) 81.70 Show
10Lateral length of snout: oral border of the orbit of one side - Prosthion (+) 37.61 Show
7Upper neurocranium length: Akrokranium - Frontal midpoint (+) 77.57 Show
6Neurocranium length: Basion - Nasion. Can be taken only with curved callipers (+) 101.81 Show
24Frontal breadth: Ectorbitale - Ectorbitale (+) 63.03 Show
25Least breadth between the orbits: Entorbitale - Entorbitale (+) 31.13 Show
23Zygomatic breadth: Zygion - Zygion (+) 96.56 Show
22Greatest neurocranium breadth = greatest breadth of braincase: Euryon - Euryon (-) 56.84 Show
29Facial breadth between the infraorbital foramina (least distance) (+) 36.77 Show
28Least breadth aboral of the supraorbital processes = breadth of the postorbital constriction (+) 39.66 Show
32Height of the occipital triangle: Akrokranium - Basion (-) 40.72 Show
30Greatest inner length of the orbit: Ectorbitale - Ectorbitale (+) 34.04 Show
31Greatest inner height of the orbit (+) 34.89 Show
3Basal length: Basion - Prosthion (+) 115.68 Show
4Basicranial axis: Basion - Synsphenion (=Interspenoid sature) (+) 41.75 Show
21Hight of the foramen magnum: Basion - Opisthion (+) 17.13 Show
18Greatest mastoid breadth = greatest breadth of the occipital triangle: Otion - Otion (+) 59.76 Show
2Condylobasal length: aboral border of the occipital condyles - Prosthion (+) 127.33 Show
5Basifacial axis: Synsphenion - Prosthion (+) 76.13 Show
11Median palatal length: Staphylon - Prosthion (+) 53.41 Show
11aPalatal length: the median point od intersection of the line joining the deppest indentations of the Choanae - Prosthion (-) 51.82 Show
20Greatest breadth of the foramen magnum (+) 17.81 Show
19Greatest breadth of the occipital condyles (+) 30.25 Show
16Greatest diameter of the auditory bulla: from the most aborolateral point to the most oromedial point (-) 24.84 Show
17Least diamenter of the auditory bulla: from the middle of the opening of the external acoustic meatus up to the most medial protrusion of the bulla on the opposite side of the bulla (-) 16.62 Show
26Greatest palatal breadth: measured across the outer borders of the alveoli (-) 52.48 Show
27Breadth at the canine alveoli (+) 34.58 Show
14Length of P4. As in the dog taken from the buccal part of the cingulum (-) 15.17 Show
12Length of the cheektooh row (measured along the alveoli on the buccal side) (-) 23.99 Show
13Length of the premolar row (measured along the alveoli on the bucal side) (-) 24.00 Show