Digital atlas of the skeleton of Lynx pardinus

Axis of Lynx pardinus

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Dorsal view


Left side view


Nasal view


Basal view


Right side view


Nuchal view

Axis measures data table ↑top
ID Code Description Middle Show
* You can check measure id clicking on the "Show" measure link.
LCDe(Greatest) length in the region of the corpus (=body) including the dens. If the caudal epiphysal plate has not yet fused. one measures without the caudal articular surface adding a note to that effect. (+) 35.53 Show
LAPa(Greatest) length of the arch including the Processus articulares caudales (+) 36.01 Show
BFcr(Greatest) breadth of the Facies articulares cranialis (=cranial articular surface) (+) 24.18 Show
BFacd(Greatest) breadth across the Processus articulares caudales (+) 22.04 Show
BPtr(Greatest) breadth across the Processus transversi (+) 25.34 Show
SBV(Smallest) breadth o the vertebra (+) 12.08 Show
BFcd(Greatest) breadth of the Facies terminalis caudalis (= caudal articular surface) 12.91 Show
H(Greatest) height. Measured in a measuring box. One lays the two basal prominent points of the body of the vertebra on the fixed block of the instrument and closes the othe block over the highest point of the spinosus process (+) 29.91 Show